why you should be doing yoga

The benefits of finding your *zen*

With the Coronavirus pandemic many people are looking to find ways to boost their immunity. If you were to go to your doctor and ask them how to do this, most would give you a list of supplements or dietary suggestions, but they would also tell you to be less stressed. The reason? Stress increases your cortisol levels and weakens your immune system. While being completely stress free is something most of us can only dream of, there are a few ways that you can work on finding your zen.

I know what you’re thinking “skiing is my stress relief”. I’m sure it is. I, like many of us, find immense amounts of stress relief in the mountains. However, there is an argument to be made for low impact, more relaxing exercise. Don’t believe me? Read this Psychology Today article.

Many of us find a lot of calm in high intensity sport, but there is something to be said for finding your zen. Mediation and yoga are proven to reduce stress and increase self-awareness. They help you find a moment of calm in an otherwise extremely stressful world. It can even help you ski better!

College students often struggle to find moments of calm in their frenetic schedules. Between classes, a job, socializing, and exercise, the world can feel like a very overwhelming place. While yoga maybe isn’t for everyone, taking a moment to meditate, read, or even just sit in silence can do wonders for a cluttered mind. Despite the collegiate emphasis on intense sport, there is a place for low impact activity in your daily routine. Here are a few suggestions for getting your inner yogi started.

1.Get on YouTube

YouTube has a great selection of yoga videos. There are flows for pretty much everything. Whether you want to fall asleep faster, wake up in the morning, or stretch out after a workout there are a thousand options on YouTube.

2.Take a class on campus

Getting a membership to a yoga studio can be really expensive. Taking an activities yoga class on your campus is a great way to get introduced to the practice. Many campuses offer a few different levels of classes. Plus, you’re more likely to attend class if you’re graded on attendance.

3.Get an app

There are a ton of yoga apps in the app store. I don’t personally use one so I won’t make any suggestions, however this article covers them pretty well. Most offer free flows but paid subscriptions for full content. Personally, I choose to use YouTube over apps but if you want to be held more accountable the app could be the way to go. While you’re on the app store check out meditation apps. There are a ton of options for short meditations when school and life are getting a little too overwhelming.

By Molly MacDonald

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