girl, lead the pack.

Girl, lead that pack. Don’t let anyone hold you back.

I’ve talked with many girls on this same subject: if we are skiing with a group of guys and are in front, we almost feel uncomfortable being there. Like we shouldn’t be the ones leading the pack.

Could this be due to the classic remark from a guy skier- “Well, I’m not used to skiing with girls who are actually good” or “Yeah, I guess she is good… for a girl.” Or if you are ever in front, it never goes unacknowledged. There’s always a remark made at the bottom of the run. A remark of surprise that a woman could lead the pack. And that it’s abnormal for us to be up there.

Sometimes I even found myself slowing down in order to protect the egos of my fellow guy skiers. Remember those scenes in rom coms where the girls hide their intelligence and pretend to be “dumb” because they would never want a guy to know they kick ass at math. This is similar.

Well, I caught myself doing that in the mountains. A place I call home- where I go to escape and breathe and feel and laugh and be FREE. So I knew that this dynamic needed to change.

Now don’t get me wrong ladies, there are plenty of men I’ve skied with who are hype men 10/10, always supportive of lady shredders, push you hard in the best way, and genuinely bring more stoke to the day.

But, in certain situations I have felt uncomfortable being in front, like I shouldn’t be there. Now I realize that feeling needs to be kicked to the curb.

So, instead of feeling uncomfortable up front, I decided from that day on I needed to own it. Guys don’t feel uncomfortable leading the pack, so why should girls. It should be equally as normal and EXPECTED.

Because guess what. GIRLS SHRED.

So next ski day, grab your gals, grab your dudes, take some laps, have a brew, be in front, in a tuck, have a good time, you’re meant to shine.

Girl, lead that pack. Don’t let anyone hold you back.

Author: Bailey Jacobson

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