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Backcountry Squatters at DU was started in 2018 with the purpose of connecting  women at DU with other women in the outdoors and to promote a general feeling of acceptance, unity, feminism, safety and empowerment. Backcountry Squatters unites women around campus to experience the beautiful outdoors of Colorado.

I have always loved having adventures in the outdoors, but as a freshman at DU, I was intimidated to get involved, since it appeared that everyone around me was more experienced than I was. Because of my intimidation, I became self-conscious of my ability and retreated from the outdoor community. I got involved in Backcountry Squatters to re-ignite my passion for outdoor activities such as biking, hiking, rafting and camping. Backcountry Squatters is so important to me because it is such a supportive community of awesome girls who lift each other up and all share a common interest of having fun together in the great outdoors!

Kaitlin Ball

2019/2020 Leaders

Kat Munns                                                            

I am a sophomore that came from the northern suburbs of Chicago. I spent most of my childhood skiing the slopes of Michigan and Wisconsin, but finally felt at home the first time I skied the Rockies of Colorado. Besides skiing (backcountry!!), I love backpacking, hiking, climbing, hammocking, but most of all getting to hang out with good people in the mountains. I am studying communications and education at DU with a minor in art studio. I am excited to meet more people through backcountry squatters and see where it takes us!

Alexandria Oseland                                             

Hello! My name is Alexandria and I am from Seattle WA. Growing up in the PNW I was involved in ski racing, biking, soccer and wake surfing. I moved to Denver to start school at DU where I study Computer Science and Mathematics! Currently I love to mountain bike, backcountry tour, trail run and enjoy a good margarita at the end of the day with some friends

Emily Peoples                                             

Hi! I’m Emily Peoples, a senior at the University of Denver studying Business Information & Analytics. Growing up in Connecticut, I loved skiing, hiking, and pretty much anything outdoors. I really discovered my love for skiing and backpacking when I came to Colorado for school. When I’m not in class I love trail running, skiing, and meeting fun people. I can’t wait to see the BCS community grow at DU!

Kenna Kuhn

Kenna grew up exploring the outdoors in Northern California, and has been stoked to continue to explore the Rockies since moving here in 2016. Studying environmental science & sustainability, her passions lie in drawing the line between outdoor recreation and solutions for the environmental crisis. She lives for a good micro-adventure, and when not backpacking around Colorado can be found working at Patagonia, The GrowHaus, reading Edward Abbey or cooking pesto pasta.


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