diy camper remodel

If you don’t make the same mistakes as me, you may save yourself TIME and a LOT of cursing.

This blog post feels rather timely because A) I am excited and want to share a little bit about something I made with my two hands (and my precious boyfriend Alec). B) It was challenging  and…..

A few weeks ago, Alec and I bought a 1988 slide-in truck camper off Facebook Marketplace. The camper fits perfectly in Alec’s truck and it comes with an awning, tempurpedic mattress and is fully solar powered! However, the inside was slightly dated and needed a little *freshening up*. Of course, I had been dying to test out my Pinterest skills and was overly confident about my “camper DIY” Pinterest board.

…… C) If you don’t make the same mistakes as me, you may save yourself TIME and a LOT of cursing.

So, in no order of importance:


  1. Order. Of. Operations.

A lot of the time I found myself starting one project, getting super involved, and then turning around to see another one just POP UP out of the blue! So, like any sane person, I would drop said project #1 and quickly focus my attention onto the next. Now que that up a few more times and you’ve scheduled yourself an exhilarating Friday night.

For instance, If you are planning on replacing the counter top and interior painting… paint first. Seems very logical. However, a new shiny countertop installation does sound pretty neat at 11pm     -thanks to the adrenaline kick you got from making the perfect sink cut-out with the precision jig.

Before you begin a specific project, take a big picture look. What tools will you need? What types of systems am I going to be working with? Will this require any wiring/electrical work? Now, what are the LOGICAL steps from zero to the final product

2. The right tool for the job

Has anyone ever heard the song “hard on equipment”? If not, please follow this link here:
While this is basically my life in a nutshell, it is pretty crucial to avoid this at all cost and actually use the correct tool for the job. I made so many runs to the local hardware store that they know me by my first name. Shout-out to Wendy… truly, a plumbing heroine.
It can be VERY tempting to take short cuts during such an arduous project. However, to get a beautiful finished project, you should really think “will this tool hurt my project in the long run?”. Or, can you take a little time out of your day and locate the correct tool? When I find myself forcing a tool, or even using my hands, my dad reminds me that the difference between humans and animals is that “humans use tools”.

 3. YouTube

Not only did YouTube singlehandedly get me through my undergrad, but it has been instrumental in at-home projects. Ie: making friendship bracelets, hanging wallpaper and anything more complex than wiring a light switch. Often, I am intimidated by a certain task if it entails electrical, bleeding (hydraulics etc..), system operations and “you cannot mess this up or your project will look sad”. However, after a few YouTube clips, I am usually good to go. Whether you are working on your own camper, vehicle, or trying to pass organic chemistry, I highly recommend physically seeing someone else successfully pull off what you’re about to work on. There is some type of confidence only found at the end of binge watching 8 videos about butcher block right-angles that you really can’t find anywhere else.

4. Patience

Finally: give yourself a break! For most of us, this is not a full-time job. I can be very skeptical of my work and get caught up in the minutia details. Except maybe your good buddy who worked as an interior carpenter…
Either way, you had the opportunity to express yourself and have something cool to show for it!! So read all the blogs, pin all of the design tips and most definitely take the time to enjoy your work!!

 DIY Truck Camper Remodel


Stay tuned for more posts about trips in the camper and putting it to the test!

Author: Anna Mounsey






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