WaiT, yOu Didn’T GO sKiiNg?

It’s October and it’s snowing for the first time of the year, you’re feeling “meh” about it and that’s okay.

Every year when the leaves fall and the ground is blanketed in white, a huge preseason stoke takes over a mountain town. Everyone dusts off their gear and heads straight to the mountains to ski some dust on grass, while reminiscing on the previous ski season and scoping out lines for the next. My instagram feed fills up with posts like “Oct-pow-der” and “back at it!” with photos of the freshly covered mountains and smiling skiers. 

As a skier I’m expected to hop on this preseason stoke train. So when I’m asked “wHaT’d yOu dO ToDAy” and my response doesn’t include, “WenT sKiiNg!” The music grinds to a halt and all the heads around me spin to stare in shock. But some of us just aren’t ready to ski yet. 

Maybe you haven’t bought your new skis, maybe you don’t have a ride to the mountain and MAYBE you’ve never skied without lift access. 

OR it’s possible you started watching the new season of Queer eye Japan, took up yoga, have to study for a test or you’re reading a really good book, sipping a cup of tea and sitting on the couch. 

Maybe you haven’t finished your six month preseason ski workout class and your legs just aren’t ready, or MAYBE you don’t feel like losing your big toe nails just yet. 

Some of us may still be adjusting to the cold, holding on to the warmer days, not ready to put away the running shoes, climbing gear and mountain bikes. AND THATS OKAY. 

In Montana, ski season lasts the majority of the year making it possible to ski pretty much every month (if you put a little effort into it). That’s a lot of skiing. So when the first snow of the season comes around I don’t feel an overwhelming urge to get to the mountain. 

And as the snow continues to fall and your conversations are consumed by Steve’s goal to reach a bajillion days on skis, or Bob bragging about it being the sickest day at the mountain, here’s your reminder… It’s okay you didn’t go skiing today, and its OKAY if you didn’t even WANT to.

Author:Erin Bolger

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